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Walkers: Synopsis

Joseph J. O'Donnell's second book, "Walkers", centers around one of the  U.S. Army's black box programs hatched out their 'skunk works' at Fort Meade. Here, mind control projects have created agents possessing the ability to penetrate the deepest secrets of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Following the end of hostilities the government abandoned the project and scattered those involved back into various branches of the service.

One renegade general kept the project alive, however, and heightened selected agents by extending their ability to become assassins. Now that his plans were discovered, his trained agents were to become the tools to eliminate those opposed to the project. This would include the President of the United States.

Two FBI agents, along with a lone dissenter of the general's 'school of thought', was all that stood between democracy and despotism. The author's ability to hold his readers from the very beginning, through the final pages, will surely make this a memorable book to fit in with such classics as 'Seven Days In May' and 'The Manchurian Candidate'.

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Joseph J. O'Donnell - Mystery Writer   Joseph J. O'Donnell - Mystery Writer

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