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Writer Joseph J. O'Donnell is a native New Yorker now working in Washington, D.C. His books have captured the atmosphere of these two metropolises and aptly add to the detail that enriches his work.

O'Donnell's style guaranties to capture the reader from the beginning and explodes from the start. Each story has become a spellbinding masterpiece of suspense and action.

In his first novel, 'Night Trains', the story revolves around a killer in the New York City subways. This is no ordinary killer though. He can thwart the best of police efforts to apprehend him and his ability to do so stems far beyond the possibilities of reality....into the realms of the supernatural.

His second novel 'Walkers' grips the reader from the first chapter with a mysterious murder commited in a rural setting in Pennsylvania. Could this murder be connected to a series of events shaping policy in the capitol of the world's last existing super power? Could this crime be a harbinger of death that would even threaten the life of the President of the United States? This is a classic thriller that derives from the military 'Black Box' programs and insures that his readers will not want to put down the book until they reach its dramatic conclusion.

His third work ,'Shorts', will amuse his audience with the short stories about things that 'go bump in the night'. Easy to read , they cater to the traveler on the go and make for quick and enjoyable reading.

With two additional books near completion,and several others in planning,  Mr. O'Donnell is sure to become a household name in the literary world.

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Joseph J. O'Donnell - Mystery Writer   Joseph J. O'Donnell - Mystery Writer

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